Volunteers at RHFH

We had a team of volunteers from MN here recently.   They were a huge help with all the children in the ICU and RC.  They did a vacation Bible school with the children, played lots of games and loved on many kids while they were here.  They also helped in the clinic and were able to teach  many of those needed PT therapy different exercises to help them.




We also had team from Canada that has been visiting for a few years now.  They also did some vacation Bible school with the kids, played soccer and spend lots of one on one time with many of the really sick kids.


IMG_7787 (5)




Interested in visiting RHFH?  You can check out this page or write to volunteer@realhopeforhaiti.org


  1. Darren says

    My wife and I are wanting to be very avtive helping Haiti. Debbie my wife is going again in a few weeks
    I have a few questions. I thought that if I could talk to someone that has much experience there it would make our trip easier.
    Networking it.

    Darren and Debbie Lindsey Joplin MO.



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