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Volunteers For March & April Offer A Healing Touch

Our volunteers these two month spanned the talents of medical students, film crews and loving arms.

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The arms that hold our children who are sick and hurting provide such comfort. You can see in a few days how the children respond to being held and played with.

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The film crew from Port au Prince was taking pictures, filming and interviewing parents and kids. They will be giving this to an organization that raises money for Medika Mamba. Then Medika Mamba is donated to nutrition programs here in Haiti.

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The medical students came to do women’s exams. They were able to see signs of pre-cancerous cells in some women and remove them – saving the women from suffering with cancer!IMG_8455 c

New volunteers (Brent Cottrill and Tammy Schleunder, Susan Baker’s team) came and shared their talents and love with the kids.

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Folks who have been here before (Kristin, Joanne, Holly and Tena) came back bringing lots of  love and open arms.

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Thank you to all our volunteers!! You are a blessing to the people we serve here in Haiti.

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To find out more about volunteering, write to

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Important information: Haiti has set the dates for their elections late summer and fall. In the past this has been a time of some unrest and demonstrations in Haiti, mainly in Port au Prince. It may make getting to and from the airport difficult or impossible. If you had planned to come this Fall, we suggest that you consider this in your planning. We will also be more careful in approving teams for this time frame.

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