“What are they saying?”

Gust post By Jody :)
Gilbert Belneau

If you have been to Haiti and do not speak Kreyol, you 
might be asking “What are they saying?” Here at RHFH 
we are privileged to have Gilbert Belneau, one of our 
translators, to help answer that question.
Gilbert 2 (1)
Gilbert has worked for RHFH since October 2004.  He 
starting out in the Clinic, filling out charts and giving 
to  patients and preparing letters to transport people to 
the hospital. In 2006, Gilbert went to Hinche, Plateau 
Central to be trained in the care of people with HIV & TB. 
He travel to patients in our area with TB and administers 
their daily medications.  He also lets RHFH know the needs 
of these patient as many are unable to walk and travel to 
the clinic.  He comes and gets their medications every 2 
weeks at the clinic and talks with the nurses about each 
patient and how they are doing.  With this training, he 
is able to help empower the patients to care for their 
needs as well. 

This past year, Gilbert was able to travel to Wellington, 
South Africa and complete a “Transformational Leadership 
Program” and “Coaching For Life Training”. With these new 
skills, he would like to coach kids and give them life 
skills. He has started with one girl, asking her to think 
about what she wants to be, what she wants to change and
give an example of someone she wants to be like and why.
 He will then  be able to talk to her about believing in 
God and trusting in themselves.
Gilbert 3
Travel would not be number one on Gilbert’s list. He 
enjoyed his time in Africa but is happy to be back in 
Cazale,living with his father, mother, 5 sisters and 3 
brothers. He is always ready to come translate for people. 
He learned English on his own by practicing a lot. If you 
call him, he is ready to come do a good job for you. He has
been inspired by Jacob Wade and his ‘Stop, Drop, and Roll’ 
program (see this blog), how the kids see Jacob and are 
intently watching and listening to him. Gilbert likes to 
meet new people, likes having good friends and keeping in 
touch with them. “Thank you, Gilbert!” 
             That is what we are saying!


  1. Bekki says

    Ah! Gilbert! Fre m’! I will add that Gilbert is a SUPERB teacher and lead the literacy classes at RHFH, teaching the employees to read and write! Nou tout renmen ou, Gilbert! Bondye bon!

  2. Joanne says

    Gilbert was a fantastic translator for VBS for us in June. He is a great tour guide and a wonderful friend.

  3. Charles says

    I’m also that about Gilbert:”If you call him, he is ready to come do a good job for you…” Always at service of others…
    “Gilbert you are a blessing”.

  4. Alida Nortan says

    I met Gilbert in South Africa. He is one of my new family members. Gilbert has such a big heart for people. And is a perfect example of simplicity with love and care for others. Keep up the good work my dear brother. Let your light shine and Jesus shine through you. Remember that Transformed people transform nations.

  5. tena says

    Gilbert is an awesome guy all around,we’ve had the privilege of getting to know him and the work of the community group. Way to go Gilbert!

  6. Staci Schultz says

    Gilbert was a terrific translator, tour guide, and DJ! 🙂 We appreciated his help so much during our stay! I so enjoyed reading this post about Gilbert. Thank you for posting!

  7. MOSES WASAMU says

    Gillbert was my room-mate and team member in South Africa. He is a warm-hearted person, very hard-working and loves people!!
    I know that God will use him to change the lives of young people in Haiti!

  8. Autumn Murray says

    We miss you Gilbert! I think I was calling him Jabir all week because I couldn’t pronounce his name! Such a great guy!

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