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What can I do to help? It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Your generous and loving hearts have asked us this many times and we want to share three ways that you can help RHFH this month.

1.  Here is our 2014 February Needs List.  If you would like to gather some of these items for the work that we do here, we would be very grateful.  You can email info{at}realhopeforhaiti{dot}org for an address of where to send the needed items.

2.  You know from managing your home and life that budgets can get tricky at times if your income fluctuates.  RHFH is not much different.  Your sacrificial gifts make it possible for us to treat thousands of patients each month, feed malnourished children, and share the love of God.  We are SO THANKFUL for you and your kindness to people that you will probably only get to meet in Heaven.  This month, we want to tell you about a need.  If you aren’t already, we want to challenge you to search your heart to consider giving a steady monthly donation.  These faithful gifts will help us be able to know how much will be available for the month’s needs and help us plan accordingly.  We have had some very faithful donors give $10 each month almost as long as we have been here in Haiti – 20 years.  That is so amazing to me!  It’s not a large amount, but it has added up over the years and every gift is helpful to the work.  Maybe you are thinking that you could do that or maybe even $20 a month.  No amount is too small.  You know what amount would be good for you and your family to give on a regular basis.  Once a month….a dozen times a year.  It might not seem like much, but it will help the Haitians that we serve and it will help us know how to fund the programs that we have.  Would you consider praying about this challenge?  If you would like to say to “YES!” to faithful monthly giving, there are a few ways that you can do it.

~You can set up automatic payments with your bank.  Most banks make this available to set-up and manage online.  The bank makes the check and sends it out for you.  No forgetting, no writing, no searching for stamps.  There are usually no fees for this and you can stop the payments at any time.

~You could also put a note on your calendars to write and send a check out in your mail.  Don’t forget to use our new address:  RHFH, 15215 Endeavor Dr, Noblesville, IN  46060.

~You can click on the giving tab at the top and go to “Give a Monthly Donation” page.  You can pick a need to give to monthly and this will be done automatically through paypal.  There is a fee that paypal deducts from these gifts before they give it to RHFH.

3.  PRAY for us and the people we serve!  We need people that will stand with us in prayer.  It could be in your daily prayer time or when God lays it on your heart.  Pray for the health of the patients, healing for the children in the ICU, and increase understanding and acceptance of health education given.  Pray for strength, wisdom, and joy for the American and Haitian staff.  Pray for the Lord to cover us with his protection and blessing.  Pray for guidance for the RHFH board and leaders.  Pray for good fruit for the Kingdom.  Pray for changed hearts and lives when they encounter the powerful love of Jesus Christ.  Pray for souls to be touched and saved.  Pray for the goverment leaders here to make wise decisions that will help the country move forward.  Pray that the Lord will touch others to be a part of spreading His love and Word in Haiti.

Thanks to all those that help!  NOTHING we do could be done without you.  You have a vital role in the work here.  When you reach out to help in these ways, you are changing lives in the Name of Jesus.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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