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What can I do to help?

Many people see the photos and hear the stories of the children and people that we serve and ask, “What can I do?”  Well, this post is for you!

July 08 2009 a 050 c

This month, we want to tell you about the needs list.  This is a list of common, constant, and urgent needs that the mission has that would help us to continue to serve the people that we do.  Some people are not able to volunteer their time to come to Haiti or give a monthly donation, but could easily pick up a few extra items each time they go to the store.  Shoppers alert!  😉  Everyone likes finding great deals, right?  We update the list monthly so check it for the most recent needs.  You can find it on the “RC Needs” page under the Rescue Center tab or on the “Clinic Needs” page on the Clinic tab.

Here is the list for November: 2013 Nov needs list

Card stock colored paper – blue, yellow & red are most needed
Kid’s & adult toothpaste
Canned meat
Tarps – 10’ x 12’
Shower caps
Trash bags
Shower head for guesthouse
Tea bags – iced tea
Cake pans
Cookie sheets
Coffee cups
Bowls – individual soup size
Regular colored paper – bright colors
Curtains for under the counters in the guesthouse – 42”w x 30”l  (3)
Catchmaster Giant Fly trap – 30ft. roll (25 sq. ft)
Mosquito spray
White-Out pens
Index cards
Batteries – AA

Infant formula – soy & milk-based
Preemie and regular nipples
Baby wipes
Kid’s underwear
Shorts-newborn to 5T
Onesies-any size
Diapers – NB, 1, 2, 3

D50 & D10
Anti-fungal cream
Triple antibiotic ointment
Umbilical tape
Ultrasound gel or aloe vera gel
Ipecac syrup
Vitamin K injections
A&D ointment
Ammonia capsules-smelling salts

* Items most needed are in red


Once you have a few items gathered, email us at and we will tell you the best way to send it.  Shipping packages to Haiti by air is rather expensive (about $4 per pound) and we try to stay away from this.  We prefer to have you send your items to someone that will be coming to Haiti so that they can put the items in their suitcase.  Just email us and we’ll give you a shipping address of the next person coming in that can bring them.  If it is a large amount, we might have to hold on to it until the next semi container is shipped.

Your donations will be unpacked and put to use right away.  These are all items that we are low on or out of completely.  If you find good deals on these items, please pick up a few items and send them our way.  You will be blessed and the Haitians will be blessed.  It’s a win-win and a great way to help RHFH.



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