What’s been happening in the clinic?

We are so happy to have Dr. Briana Zachary working with us full-time now.  She is seeing the most difficult cases and doing a great job at treating them.  There are now 4 consult rooms with 3 nurses and 1 doctor.  There are 14 staff that work 7a-5p on Tues-Fri.  The dressing room is open daily and we still receive emergencies 24/7.

There were 2986 consultations in March.
New pts – 658
Return pts – 2328

Children 0-14 yrs – 1094
15 yrs-adult – 1892

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There were 299 prenatal consultations.
1st visit – 98
2nd visit – 66
3rd visit – 60
4th visit – 34
5 or more visits – 41

1st trimester visits – 40
2nd trimester visits – 121
3rd trimester visits – 138


At risk pregnancies – 164
severe anemia – 25
malnourished pregnant women (arm circumference <210mm) – 11

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There were 49 babies born.
4 were born in hospitals & 45 were born at home.
Mom’s age:
15-19 yrs – 8
20-24 yrs – 12
25-29 yrs – 13
30+ yrs – 16


49 medical emergencies
18 sutured
8 burns
3 dog bites
359 dressing changes
461 injections
54 IVs placed

tested for HIV – 158
new positive – 12

JN Lener Formilus #53698A (2) c

children 0-5 yrs screened for malnutrition – 806
moderate and severe malnutrition – 327
rate of malnutrition – 41%

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Prayer & devotions – 2220 people
Christian literature distributed – 2027
Salvations – 4 people
Rededications – 2 people
Spiritual counsel – 17 people

Special prayer – 15 people
F.M. – She is 40 yrs old and would like to get married.
D.J. – He is experiencing lots of stress and anxiety.
D.F. – She is homeless and would like a place to live.

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A mom wanted to give a testimony to God’s power because she saw that her child was sick and swollen with malnutrition.  She tried many things and he could never be healthy.  She sees that the care, medications, and food given have helped her child, but she had tried some of these things before.  After talking to the nurse and chaplain, she knew that she needed to dedicate herself and her household to God.  She gives God the glory for healing her son and making him whole again.  She is so happy to see him play and laugh again.


  1. Amanda says

    Hi I am a research student from the United States studying Haiti and the cholera outbreak that occurred a couple years ago. From my understanding, cholera is still affecting the country. I was wondering if I could find out more about what people did in response to the cholera outbreak? What preventative and treatment methods were used, and did they prove successful? Were there things that were not successful? What is still being done today to control cholera and spread education about the issue? Any information would be helpful!!! Thank you.

  2. Lori says

    Amanda, it was good to email with you about these issues. We wish you much success with your project.

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