Will you commit to praying for us in 2015?

As you start off the new year, you might be trying to implement some resolutions and good habits.  We would like to ask you to consider adding something simple (but powerful) to your daily routine.  Will you pray for Haiti?  A prayer covering for the work here is critical, essential, and much needed.  The Lord moves when His children ask.  There are so many things to pray about and appreciate you lifting us up.  When the Lord lays something on your heart, please listen to that small, still voice and go to prayer for the people of Haiti.

There is nothing that we need more from you than prayer.

It can change hearts, save lives, energize dreams, heal disease, allow forgiveness, bring direction, calm spirits, bring strength, open doors, soften hardheartedness, restore joy, provide protection, instill peace, compel action, inspire hope, prompt kindness, influence leaders, and move mountains.  We believe it and want you to experience the power of prayer.

Here are two helpful articles to guide your prayer time.
1.  How to Pray for Missionaries – Wycliffe
2.  30 Ways to Pray for Missionaries – Encompass World Partners

We commit to praying for you.  You are important to the ministry in so many ways.  Without you, it would be impossible for the work at RHFH to be done.  Your sacrifice and compassion for the Haitian people are an inspiration and motivation.  Thank you for believing that the Lord loves Haiti and all the souls here.  Thank you for reach out when it’s not comfortable to do so.  Thank you for making a place in your heart for Haiti.  We pray that God pours out His blessings on you this coming year.  We ask him to cover your home and family with His arms of love and protection.  May He give you ample opportunity to invest your God-given gifts to advance His Kingdom and serve others in His love.  May His joy and peace settle in your heart and make home there.  We know that He is able and we believe it is possible.  Please let us know your prayer requests throughout the year and we will stand with you in prayer.

As you come close to the Lord in prayer, allow him to mold and direct you.  Ask Him to give you a heart for the lost and dying in this world and to open the doors so that you can make an impact in His Name.

Prayer can make a profound difference here in Haiti and in your life.  Draw close to Him.


  1. Steve Eckart says

    I will commit to pray for you all and for your ministry throughout 2015 – you are a blessing…many times over!

  2. Lori says

    Thank you so much for your prayer support!

  3. Kelly DeBardelaben says

    Committing for 2015 to pray for you and all those you serve!!

  4. Lori says

    Thank you so much!

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