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Gretchen takes the blood pressure of one of her dear friends.

Gretchen takes the blood pressure of one of her dear friends.

This was an article written by Gretchen in our January 2000 newsletter.
(Today is her birthday and she would have been 69 yrs old.)


We pray God has many special blessings for you this year.  This month begins our 7th year here – the year of Jubilee and we are expecting great victories and thanking God for all he will allow us to accomplish in His Name.

Since our last newsletter, we have moved out clinic location.  We were working out of a government clinic almost two year.  Now we are renting a building which is more secure and suitable for our needs.  We are excited and please with the facilities.  The old place served us well and allowed us to win many friends and the trust of people in well over a 150 villages.  We felt like we moved from a place of darkness and oppression to one covered by God’s peace.  It is called “Grace Health Center” or “Centre Sante de la Grace du Bon Samaritain” (in French).  We leave home at 6:30 Tues AM and stay at Cazale Tues and Wed nights allowing us to extend our hours.  We return home Thurs around 5 or 6 – tired, but oh so blessed!!

There is no way to describe all God had done for us these last few month.  We have fresh revelation of how God can open ANY door and how He does fight our battles for us.  He simply asks us to trust and obey and love those He sends into out path.

clinic c

Early outpatient feeding program distributing AKAMIL. (early 2000)

Patients are walking 6, 8 10 hours to receive medicine and treatment for wounds, burns and all types of illness.  This gives you an idea of the lack of medical care available.  Every mountain has its voudou priest or witch doctor (“hougan”) who takes every bit of money a family can scrape together.  But we all know the outcome is death – many times to the body and even more to the spirit.  People come on mules, stretchers, wheelbarrows, and beds.  Some, hardly able to stand, walk hours with canes or staffs to help navigate the steep mountain paths.  Folks, can you imagine looking into 400 pairs of eyes each week who are in need of hope and help?  As we’ve said countless times JESUS CHRIST is the only Hope For Haiti and the people here.

It has always been out prayer, since God touched our lives, to be on the front lines – in the trenches so to speak.  The ministry God has given us is unique and not for the timid or weak in heart.  We praise Him daily for our assignment and the grace to carry it through.  God has touched many hearts. to join with us in trying to reach the lost and hurting.  We are so thankful for each of you.  The helps and encouragement you have given us along the way is precious to us and to the Haitians we minister to daily.  God has chosen us all to complete a special work.  The needs her in the third world country at present as endless.  We live in a third world country, but we serve a mighty, loving, and merciful first class God.  hallelujah!!  We ask you to continue to join with us. Pray for us, the people and the country.  Put on your spiritual creative hat and seek God for your part in the work here.





  1. Nan Dillon says

    What a timeless, encouraging message! Love it!

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