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Words from Gretchen

We came across Gretchen’s Bible when we were cleaning not long ago.  I thought I’d share what she had written on the front page.

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I am Yours Lord, you have wonderfully made and equipped me.  I was created to walk in faith, so I will always trust You.  I am a product of Your love, so I will love even under the most trying circumstances.  I will endure because Jesus lives in me.  Jesus is Lord of my body, my words, my thoughts, my actions, therefore I will respond to all circumstances in purity, gentleness, patience, self control and love.  I am not my own and as long as I have opportunity I will serve Christ through serving others.  The Lord lives in and through me.  He uses my hands to meet the needs of others. I was born for this purpose and I dedicate my life to reaching out beyond myself to the need of others.  Thank you Lord for quipping me for this purpose.  I am what you say I am, I can so what you say I can do.














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