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Words From Gretchen

Though these words weren’t from Gretchen, they were treasured by her.  She wrote this in back of her Bible and looked at it often.

Gretchen - doing burn dressing

When I Take My Vacation in Heaven 
by:  Rose Maddox

There so many are taking vacations to the mountains and lakes and the sea
Where they rest from their cares and their worries
What a wonderful time that must be
But it seems not my luck to be like them I must toil through the heat and the cold
Seeking out the lost sheep on the mountains bringing wanderers back to the fold
When I take my vacation in heaven what a wonderful time that will be
Hearing concerts by the heavenly chorus and the face of my Saviour I’ll see
Sitting down on the banks of the river neath the shade of the evergreen tree
I shall rest from my burdens forever won’t you spend your vacation with me
Now someday I shall take my vacation to the city John tells us about
With its foundation walk oh so precious with the gladness of heart I shall shout
All those sights ever witness by mortals can compare with the glory up there
I shall spend my vacation with Jesus in the place he went on to prepare
When I take my vacation in heaven…

At the bottom of the page, she wrote:  Ye shall rest from labors while your work goes on….


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