Cazale is beautiful


Cazale is blessed to have a river that flows through the valley and the middle of the village. During the dry season, the water from the river is used for irrigation.

Each farmer that owns land along the irrigation system takes a day or two to clean the portion near or in front of their gardens.  They also work together to figure out who get to use the water at what times during the day.  This system allows many farmer to have crops year round when there are no rains.

You will find a large crop of bananas that grow near the river and irrigation system year round.  Farmers depend on these crops to eat, send there kids to school and take care of their families.

You will also find many kinds of beans planted in these areas.  Some that are common to Cazale are lima beans, black beans, white beans, and pigeon peas.  We love to have fresh beans to make in our pots of rice and beans each day. 


  1. Susan McAnelly says

    It is a beautiful tropical place!!

  2. Graham says

    Glad to see that irrigation system functioning!!

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