Christina is a delightful young lady with cerebral palsy, who was abandoned at the RHFH clinic on October 26, 2010. She can not walk or sit up on her own or hold her head up. She can not speak and she is very spastic. She gets very excited when people talk and sing to her. Christina was cared for in the Rescue Center for several months and then placed in a foster home. She has had problems with aspiration pneumonia. She is often fed in a recumbent position because she can not sit up on her own and because she is so spastic, she is very difficult to feed sitting up. She has also had problems with pressure ulcers as it is difficult to keep her in any position except for lying on her back. Recently, a wheelchair was donated for Christina. This wheelchair has the ability to recline at multiple different angles and is perfect for feeding Christina and changing her position and it has lots of padding. We at RHFH and her foster family are very grateful for this donation. Thank you!


Christina’s story is sad- she has a severe disability in a country where there is almost no social services available and she was abandoned by her family. However, her story has a happy twist thanks to a local Haitian family who has taken her into their home and cares for her and also thanks to donors who contribute to her care. She has sponsors in the U.S. who provide financial assistance to her foster family and other donors such as those who provided this awesome chair for her.

Thank you for helping Christina!



  1. Tena Mc says

    This makes my heart so happy! She looks awesome

  2. Tammy in MN says

    Ya! Christina is mobile! Enjoy the view!

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