To treat 600-800 patients a week and give 24 hour care to 70 kids at a time, RHFH goes through a lot of supplies.  A primary means by which we keep our costs down is by shipping containers full of supplies from the US to Haiti.  Typically, Davis Zachary visits the US twice per year to speak at churches and coordinate packing and shipping a container.  For several years, RHFH has shipped one container in the Spring and another in the Fall.  After the earthquake, a dear friend of RHFH named Debbie helped to coordinate gathering supplies and shipping a container from Minneapolis, MN as well.

RHFH purchases pallets of medicine and medical supplies at a fraction of the cost.  RHFH also receives various other donations of food, clothing, office supplies, building materials and more that are packed and shipped as well.  Friends of RHFH come to the warehouse in Anderson, IN and help to pack these much needed items. After filling the containers, they are shipped via truck, rail, and ship to Haiti to help sustain our work in Cazale.