Loving Savior,

Too many times, Lord, when I see a dream die, I allow dissappointment to engulf me.

I lose hope because my plans have come to nothing, and it’s so much easier to give up than try again.

Too many times, Lord, when it seems that I’m only spinning my wheels from one day to the next,

year after year, attaining nothing but age and bruises, I want to drop out of the race and bask in my failures.

But then you come and tap me gently on the shoulder to remind me that I wasn’t made for success,

but for Your glory, that I wasn’t called to win, but simply to run; and that your love is more than enough through it all.

March 30 2009 a 146 (640x480)



  1. Carol Clark says

    This is beautiful! Thank you for posting. Praying for your team in Haiti.

  2. Susan says

    Words and thoughts and feelings are so true in my life. Wonderful to be reminded why we are REALLY here. Thank You.

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