While we believe in the value of adoption, the primary purpose of the Rescue Center is diligently work to keep families together when possible.  We take in children, care for them, then, when they are healthy, they return to live with their families. We do have children that are abandoned outside our gate, inside the clinic yard, or the parents never return to see their children. If a child is abandoned, we wait 1 year to see if someone will show up or if we can find any other family members. Our goal is to keep as many families together as we can. We work with the local authorities to obtain proper paper work and help with locating the families. If we cannot locate the family, then we proceed with adoption. God’s Littlest Angels is a outstanding organization, with a long history of working in Haiti, that we trust for adoption. Their info is listed below.

God’s Littlest Angels


Click here for adoption information from GLA