In February of 2010, RHFH was able to purchase a large piece of land within our community of Cazale. It is located approximately 1 mile from the current site of RHFH’s clinic and rescue center. As long as RHFH has functioned, the clinic and rescue center have operated in rented facilities that simply are not an adequate size to accommodate the patient load we serve each day.

We look forward to using this newly acquired land to expand and improve our service to the underserved in our area. We intend to build a larger clinic and rescue center, that can handle a higher patient population. Also, there is desire to expand and open a small inpatient hospital as well. This new property will have a large storage depot that can handle numerous semi containers being shipped to Haiti with much needed supplies. We also have plans to build staff houses as well as a guest house to accommodate work teams/ long term volunteers.

RHFH and many supporters have prayed for years that God would move in a direction that would allow us to begin building a permanent home in Cazale, and it appears God has responded to the petitions of His people by allowing us to acquire the land.

We are excited about what God has in store for the future and how He intends to weave resources together to cause this vision to come to fruition. We hope you will consider partnering with us.

In June/ July of 2010, a team of engineers/ designers/ architects from an organization called EMI (Engineering Ministries International) traveled to Haiti to survey the property and plan the first phase of construction on the new property. We are grateful for their hard work and look forward to seeing this project move forward.

Due to the Cholera outbreak in Haiti, our first building project was a 50 bed Cholera Treatment Center (CTC) center located on the new property.  Construction was completed by MSAADA and it was opened in March 2013.

Here is a video of the land days after RHFH purchased it in Feb. 2010.