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    New Admits from the Rescue Center

    CANES He is 4 months old and weighs 6 pounds 12 ounces. He was referred to us from Children’s Health Ministries.   He is a -4SD.  He was admitted with a glucose level of 30 and a fever of 103.  His mama buys items in bulk and resells them for

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    Pictures from the Rescue Center

    Jn Daniel’s papa died last year and his mama left and is in the Dominican Republic working. She left 3 children with Jn Daniel’s grandma.  They have not heard from her in 9 months and are unsure of where she is and if she is ok.  Grandma is working to

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    Pictures from the ICU

    Ismanie is recovering from severe malnutrition and kwashiorkor.  She does not want to eat or drink much so she has a NG tube in and is getting medika mamba this way for now.  Once she begins to eat the NG tube will be removed. Wislere and Jn Bernard have both

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