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  • Villager’s View: Bethel

    Odnel starting volunteering soon after cholera started as a community health agent.  He worked as a volunteer to educate about cholera and give first aid.  He often sent patients to the cholera treatment center and collaborated with us and other organizations to fight against cholera.  In 2014, we were able

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  • Kreyol lesson – verbs

    to learn – aprann to need – bezwen to drink – bwè to sit – chita to sleep – dòmi to help – ede to write – ekri to study – etidye to do – fè to meet (for the first time) – fè konesans to cook – fè manje

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  • God is touching hearts and lives

    In October, we were able to have devotions and prayer with 2669 people that came to the clinic.  There were 4 souls that were saved.  There were 5 New Testaments, 7 children’s Bibles, 6 books, 2117 magazines, and 552 brochures distributed.  There were 16 people that requested spiritual counseling. Reaching

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  • IMG_8113 (640x427)

    Pictures from today….

    The kids have devotions with our chaplin 5 days a week.  They learn song and have a Bible story each session. They love playing the musical instruments. Play time… Erimene enjoying lunch. a child admitted with severe diarrhea, temp of 105 and seizures this week. Westenson is healing and doing

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