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  • Marvelous Monday

    With one day away from shipping the container holding medicine, birthing kits, and infant formula vital to saving the babies and mothers, we are still a few thousand dollars short of our financial goal. The funds will be used to purchase diapers and protein packed peanut butter Real Hope For

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  • Sunday-The Father’s Day

    A donation from someone who cares about the children in Haiti as much as you do changed the life of a father and his son… A few years back, a farmer walked several hours down the mountains with his dying son searching for a glimmer of hope. He arrived at

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  • Sacrificial Saturday

    A beautiful example of sacrifice: While speaking at East Elementary School in Pendleton, IN this week, a third grader approached me (Lorraine), and with a very serious and committed tone said, “I am going to sell my bike this weekend and buy peanut butter for you with the money I

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