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  • Kreyol Song

    Yon jou avan kouché solèy, Anpil malad té rété la Dévan Jézu, nan gran doulè. Byento yo alé avèk jwa. Yon fwa anko sé aswe tou, E nou pwoché bò Jézu-Kri. Ségnè, si nou pa wè kò Ou, Nou kwè Ou isit an éspri. (bis) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ One day before sunset,

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  • IMG_2171 c

    A Glimpse of Clinic Today


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  • Patient of the Month – Epanye

    And Jesus went forth, and saw a great multitude, and was moved with compassion toward them, and he healed their sick.  ~Matthew 14:14 *THANK YOU!  The need has been met! Epanye was born in Benet, a village in southern Haiti.  The only family that he has possibly still living is

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    Reforestation with the Community Group

    The community group (GVADK) loves to plant trees and they are at it again!  This year, they are focused on the mountain area behind the public market.                                       We have about 4000

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