The purpose of the clinic is to meet physical needs as RHFH understands this to be a Biblical mandate. It is RHFH’s desire that any work we accomplish to meet individual medical needs will allow us the opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The clinic is an outpatient clinic in rural Haiti that is operated by Real Hope for Haiti. It provides a variety of medical services to the surrounding communities. These services include, but are not limited to, health care education, preventative medicine, prenatal care, primary care (including treatment of infectious diseases, hypertension, diabetes, malnutrition, etc.), limited emergency services, minor surgeries, wound care, as well as limited lab services. The clinic also dispenses medicines required for the treatment of the illness that is presented. If the clinic is unable to treat a patient due to the complexity of the case or lack of resources, the clinic refers the patients to a larger regional health center. The acting director of the clinic is Lori G. Moise, a registered nurse in the state of Indiana. She works as a nurse and provides the emergency and wound care to patients and is also responsible for managing the organizational aspects of the clinic such as hiring staff, monitoring staff performance, generating patient reports for the Haitian Government, corresponding with supporters to keep them aware of the needs, researching and applying for grants, and educating herself to better serve her patients. The clinic also employs four Haitian nurses to perform general consultations and provide patients with health care and nutritional education. In addition, the clinic also employs numerous support staff who assists in the clerical and organizational aspects of the clinic.