Real Hope for Haiti is a faith based organization that is intentional in its efforts of evangelism and improving the quality of life for the citizens of rural Haiti, specifically in the village of Cazale and the surrounding communities. The primary means by which RHFH seeks to accomplish this goal is through the proclamation of the Good News of Jesus Christ. One of RHFH’s distinguishing characteristic is found in it’s motto: Hope in this life and the life to come.

RHFH seeks to help meet spiritual needs of community members through preaching revivals, teaching in churches, distributing  religious literature, showing the “Jesus Film,” and actively living our Christian faith through prayer. RHFH also makes a concerted effort to support local churches and indigenous pastors in the spiritual formation of individuals in the community.

RHFH makes it a priority to pray with and share the Gospel message to patients of both the clinic and the rescue center and their families. Presently, RHFH works towards this end through such means as spiritual education to patients, showing the Jesus Film, preaching in local churches, revivals, children’s Bible schools, supporting indigenous pastors, and the distribution of religious literature.  In addition, many work teams that visit RHFH put on Vacation Bible Schools for the children in the Rescue Center.

These activities furthers RHFH’s purpose by focusing on the spiritual portion of individual’s lives and trying to encourage the spiritual formation of the members of the community. RHFH believes that Christ offers great hope to the people of Cazales, Haiti and the surrounding villages despite their incredibly difficult circumstances. In addition, churches are the educational and social centers of the communities in Haiti, and RHFH is confident that as God uses RHFH to strengthen these institutions, it will strengthen the community as well.

Lastly, it is the intention of RHFH to expand the support of indigenous pastors in the future and provide a Bible Training Institute where the pastors can receive a formal Biblical Education.