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Artists for Hope

Artists for Hope is an organization that is near and dear to RHFH’s heart.  We encourage you to check out the AFH website and learn more about it.  (A link to the website can always be found on the homepage of RHFH’s website.)

The founder of Artists for Hope, Roberta, recently visited RHFH to work with the local artisans here in Cazale.  Items were crafted, new projects tinkered with, ideas were shared.  It’s always a sweet thing to see the creativity sparkling in the eyes of these people we love, whom are so full of talent and willingness to work hard.  For those of you reading this that enjoy crafting, you know how fun it is to tackle new projects and sort through new crafting supplies.  Roberta’s visits are always a time for discovery and development of the skills of our Cazale artisans.

We’d like to give you a quick peek at a few of the new items that are now on the Artists for Hope shelves located within the RHFH Guesthouse.  Visitors and volunteers are able to purchase these crafts, which provide a two-fold benefit:  an artisan earns income from AFH purchasing the crafts, and AFH is able to give financial support to the Rescue Center through the proceeds from the sales.  Win-win!

Remember, all of these creations were made right here in Cazale!

Hand-woven bracelets in various colors.


Small stuffed toys that are hand-sewn from felt.


Coconut pendants to be worn on a simple necklace.


Paper mache wall hangings representing the veggies and fruits of Cazale (eggplant, mango pictured).


We love that Roberta is always an encouragement to these men and women who have talent and desire to create new things.  We also appreciate Roberta for having such a big heart for Cazale and the work that is being done here at RHFH.  During this last visit, she accepted the challenge to do some decorating in the new ICU.  Maximizing every minute of her trip, when she wasn’t working with the artists, she was painting happiness in the ICU.  God used her to bring comfort and joy to the children and staff on a daily basis here as we enjoy her artwork.  It’s certainly a gift that keeps on giving!


Thank you, Roberta, for sharing your God-given skills and painting for us!

Don’t forget to head over to the Artists for Hope website and check out the Stateside artists, the AFH blog, and the story behind this great organization.





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