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Community Group Activities

The community development group purchased 30 baby chickens the end of last year and raised them to sell.  These meat chickens are full-grown and ready to eat in 45 days.  The profit wasn’t much with 30, but it helped us to understand what was needed to care for them and to get some practice.  So, the group decided to increase the amount of chickens to see if we would make a larger profit.  They bought a group of 60 chicks mid-late March (photo taken then) and they are growing well.  The chickens should be ready to sell towards the beginning of May or so.  The group would like to continue this project because it gives the group a little income, it provides a job, and it makes more protein food available in the area.  We think that we would have enough room for 150 chickens in the space that we have.

IMG_1819 (2) c

You gave generously for the goat project and raised enough for 15 goats.  The group thought it best to stick to the original plan of giving 5 goats for now and seeing how that goes before buying more.  The supervisor checks on them weekly and there have been no big problems so far.  They even have paperwork to show that they are the owners.  We hope to buy another group of 5 goats towards the end of the month.  They want to move slowly to make sure that the project is a success.  Here are the five goats that were bought.

DSC01145 (2)

DSC01156 (2) c











DSC01157 (2) c
DSC01148 (2)











DSC01151 c

DSC01159 c




















The tree nursery is going well.  This year we will have 7337 trees and 1800+ vetiver to plant.  Everything is growing and the group is gearing up to plant when the rains come.

20160409_112857 c

20160409_113121 c










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