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Community Group Update

The community group’s current project is fixing some problem areas along the irrigation ditch.  This is made possible by a generous RHFH supporter whom we greatly appreciate.  It is wonderful to partner with those that want to help Haiti by trusting grassroots groups that are deciding for themselves what their area needs and giving their own participation, strength, and talents along to improve lives in the Cazale area.

IMG_2910 c

IMG_2912 c

For many years, river water has been diverted and gravity flows to about 150 gardens to provide water to crops during the dry season.  For the most part, this is dug by hand at the beginning of each dry season and is not made with much cement or pipes.  Some water is lost to saturation, but this is the best watering method with the current resources.

IMG_2920 c

IMG_2924 c

The farmers and the group have identified 7 areas along the irrigation line that are in repair.  Some are places that are leaking and loosing water, making it impossible for water to reach the furthest gardens.  Other areas that are always leaky and muddy.  If they are in high traffic areas, they are a risk to those passing by.  One man fell and broke his arm at one of these places.

IMG_6474 c

IMG_6462 ec

An improved ditch line will cause more water to flow thus improving the distance the water will reach.  Water is life and in the dry season this irrigation water is a must to keep the gardens growing.  This will produce more food (beans, okra, watercress, tomatoes, peppers) for the area and provide an increased income for the farmers. IMG_6583 c

IMG_6577 c

The farmers themselves are providing rocks, sand, and labor for the project so they are investing in it too.  The community group is helping on work days and also providing erosion control planting were necessary.  The donated funds were used for cement, rebar, blocks, wood forms, and other materials.

IMG_7483 c

The above photos were from the first repair area.  This was an aqueduct that was made many years ago to transport the water over a small ravine that floods with heavy rains.  Over the years, it began to fall apart and leak large amounts of water.

There are six more spots to go.  This is the first day of them working on the second area.

IMG_7934 cThis is after a few days of work.

IMG_8272 c

We’ll keep you updated on this project that we hope will be completed by December, the start of the dry season and the beginning of seeing the fruits of this summer’s work.

Thanks again for believing in these community projects!  So far this year, the group has raised 90 meat chickens, made and maintained a tree nursery, planted 13773 trees and 1852 vetiver, made a keyhole garden, and started a continual giving goat program.

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