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Guest post from Tena & Holly


*Tena and Holly have been visiting RHFH for several years now.  They have been a blessing to so many and are very involved with the work at RHFH.  Each time they come they give of themselves the whole time they are here.  It does not matter what we ask, they are always happy to help in anyway that they can.  Most days you can find them in the ICU, hold, loving and changing diapers of the sickest children that we have.  They are both a reflection of Jesus to us.


My sister, Holly Mitchener and I began our journey with Real Hope for Haiti in 2011. We had read everything we could find about them and wanted to see this marvelous place for ourselves.  Even before traveling to Cazale ourselves, it was obvious to us, that God was doing mighty works in this rural mountain community. When we did visit, we almost immediately fell in love with RHFH and their mission in Cazale.  We knew we wanted to be more involved and develop an ongoing relationship with them.

Meeting the children and learning their stories was heartbreaking, yet miraculous at the same time.  Seeing firsthand what was being accomplished in such meager surroundings was inspiring to say the least. From the Medika Mamba program for their ICU and the Rescue Center kids, to the nannies and how they care for the children, the Cholera clinic/hospital, Clinic days, plus education, was, and continues to be amazing to us each and every time we get to make a visit.

One particular little girl stole our heart.  Christina is her name, and at the time she was probably 5 or 6 years old and an absolute joy, full of happiness and all smiles. She has Cerebral Palsy and is a permanent resident at RHFH.  My husband has CP, so a lot of her mannerisms and mobility issues were very familiar to me.   I knew many physical therapy things we could do while we played with her. She loved the attention and would make her happy noises as we would interact with her. We were sure she recognized us (lol…which may have just been in our own mind, because of our love for her).

Holly and I both wanted to do a sponsorship and tossed several ideas around.   Ultimately we decided we would love to sponsor Christina since she was a special needs child.  We split the sponsorship by doing an even/odd month schedule to make it easy (Holly takes the even months and I take the odd) and work it all through PayPal.  As a sponsor we get monthly updates which keep us connected to Christina. We are able to see that she is growing by leaps and bounds and has made some developmental improvements as well.  It has been such a blessing to each of us to know that God called us to this place and to Christina.

Christina is only one of many, many children that have been saved, healed, loved and helped through God’s work and love at Real Hope For Haiti. Unfortunately, there are still many children needing that same care. We are honored to be a blessing to RHFH by sponsoring a child, and we are richly blessed by that same sponsorship. We encourage everyone to consider on-going sponsorship of a child at RHFH. The partial sponsorship are a terrific affordable way to make a life changing difference to a child in need.

Christina Fev

For information about sponsorship you can go here. You sign up on or sponsorship page you can go here for more information.  THANK YOU!

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