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Yet another group from MN that ROCK!!!! 🙂

Hi.  My name is Kathy, but I’m writing this to tell you about my daughter, Isabel.  Isabel is 12 years and we live in Minnesota.  In February while teaching her religious education class (5th and 6th graders), we had a chapter on charitable works.  Instead of just reading the lesson, I suggested to the class that we put the Gospel into action and find someone to help.  I had a really hard time teaching the class until we decided to do this.  My co-worker, Tammy, has posted information about an event she does every Mother’s Day weekend to build birthing kits for Real Hope for Haiti, so I asked her for some information and she sent me your website and some videos along with some ideas on what we could do to help.  One of her suggestions was taking the list of items needed for the Rescue Center and building “Welcome Kits” of t-shirts, shorts, underwear, sandals, toothpaste, toothbrush, and soap.

The next week I brought this information along with some other suggestions such as food bank, soup kitchen, etc. and listened to suggestions the kids had as well.  The kids decided to bring in donations for RHFH and build Welcome Kits.  Over the next few weeks, we spent a portion of our class talking about your organization and looking at your website and trying to gain an understanding about these children and what the Rescue Center does.  The last two Wednesdays of class, we built the Welcome Kits.  The kids loved doing this and they found that helping others makes them feel good too!  I hope we can do this again next year!

St. Christopher’s 5th and 6th Grade Religious Education Class with the Welcome Kits they made.

St. Christopher’s 5th and 6th Grade Religious Education Class with the Welcome Kits they made.

My daughter, Isabel, fell in love with your organization.  Her birthday was coming up and she decided to ask the girls she invited to her 12th birthday party if they’d bring donations to build welcome kits instead of bringing birthday gifts.  So, more Welcome Kits were built.  I think between the two events, the kids built somewhere between 25 – 30 kits.  In addition, they raised their awareness about world issues and the crisis in Haiti and the great work that Real Hope for Haiti does.

Isabel and her friends at her 12th Birthday party with some of the Welcome Kits they created

Isabel and her friends at her 12th Birthday party with some of the Welcome Kits they created

But, Isabel did not stop there…in her 6th grade multimedia class, she had to do a class project where they had to write a persuasive report and create a video on a world issue.  Isabel and her friend, Emmy, chose world hunger and focused their report on raising money for Medika Mamba.  Together, raised about $200.  Again all this was on her own!  Additionally, Isabel occasionally sends me pictures and stories from your website of different children and she talks about wanting to do mission work in Haiti when she grows up.  It makes me very proud to see her learning about issues in other parts of the world and trying to get involved to help make a difference.

I want to thank you for having a website that helps her, and her friends and classmates, feel connected so they can see what the donations they make are going.

God bless you and this wonderful work you do and God bless the children and families you are helping.

***This makes all of us at RHFH so so happy!  We love when individuals and groups get involved, but when kids get involved it really is something very special.  We get to share this with our staff.  We get to tell them that children are and can make a difference.  We will get to share this with the new children that are admitted.  Many times they are scared and missing home.  These “welcome kits”  will be a HUGE help to them.  God is so so so GOOD!

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