Haitian Proverbs

from “Hidden Meanings” by Wally Turnbull

Pou yon  tab byen kanpe fòk li gen kat pye menm longè.
For a table to stand well, it must have all four legs the same length.
To work well together, people should be equal.

friends 1

Pa janm jete vye chodyè pou nèf.
Never discard an old pot for a new one.
Don’t abandon old friends when you make new ones.

June 252009 a 081 c

Lanmou pa konn dèyè pyese.
Love doesn’t see patched trousers.
True love doesn’t care about flaws.

May 20 2009 a 068 c

Sonje premye lapli ki te leve mayi.
Remember the first rain that sprouted the corn.
Remember those who helped in the beginning.

Rosena and Leonie

Moun pa ou se moun pa ou nèt.
A buddy is  a buddy all the way.
Friendship is forever.


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