Highlights from Haiti: 19 Sept 2014


  • For those living and working in Haiti, here is a resource to save if you ever need an air ambulance or medical evacuation.
  • A report from India on degree to which poor sanitation contributes to malnutrition.
  • Rich in vitamins, potassium and calcium, Haiti is promoting the moringa tree to address the country’s chronic malnutrition.
  • Haiti receives treatment for up to 1M people for the mosquito-borne virus known as chikungunya that has impacted Haiti in the recent months.
  • Here is an extensive PDF guide to health care waste management for the community health care worker.

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  1. Bekki says

    What is the average cost to build an outhouse in the Cazale area? Is this something that a group could help with, or is it best to raise funds and let the local Haitians do the building?

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