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July teams and volunteers

Mike H. and his family and a friend joined us one Saturday to teach the ladies in our community a self defense class.  We had three groups of ladies come in throughout the day for the teaching.  Everyone enjoyed it and asked lots of questions.  It was a good day.010 (640x427)

Jess came in for a few of our Friday out-patient feeding days and ended up staying for almost 2 weeks at RHFH.  She worked with the community development group, helped in the dressing room, filled mamba bowls each night and was a help wherever we needed her.

IMG_2756 (640x470)

Keverly (the boys first teacher) was here the whole month of July.  She has been doing some summer school activities with the kids, helping out in dressing room, sponsorship updates, keeping the medika mamba files up to date, and filling in where ever needed.

016 (640x427)

Sarah, Andy and Lynn have been coming to RHFH for several years.  We love having them with us.  They come to serve and do whatever is needed.  That is a HUGE blessing to us!!!! They were the first team in after we received the burn children and were able to carry in ointments for them.  They loved on a lot of the kids during the week and helped in many different areas of the mission.

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They cut lots, and lots of rolls of gauze.

1069093_10153040876625300_1862254473_n (640x480)

encouraged many…

1075053_10153040880080300_1767857322_n (640x480)

and met new friends.

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This was the first team we had come from First Christian Church Harlingen.  There were a few medical professional that worked in the clinic.

HAITI 2013 205-1 (640x426)

A large part of the teams spent several days up at the new cholera hospital.  They sanded  and painted the walls.

HAITI 2013 136-1 (640x426)

They were also able to build screens for many of the windows in the wards.

HAITI 2013 243-1 (640x426)

HAITI 2013 164-1 (640x426)

Isaiah 52:7

How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, “Your God reigns!”

This was the second year we had a team come from Mountains to Mountains . This year there were able to come with hundreds of eye glasses.  They brought equipment to test the patients eyes. The team was very organized and each person has a specific job to do.  They saw 402 patients.  They were able to give everyone something except for 2 patients,. They gave out about 220 pair of prescription glasses and 130 pair of reading glasses.  They gave out about 20 pair of protective goggles and almost 400 pair of sunglasses.



There were several days teams that came in for tours throughout the month as well.  July was a busy and blessed month for us!

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