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Kids needing sponsors

We have four children that are currently in need of a sponsor for our foster care program.

The first is Charlens.  He was abandoned in the clinic yard in June 2014.  We have made every effort we can to contact his family without success.  He is estimated to be about 2 years old and currently weighs 22 pounds.   He is unable to stand on his own and has pain in his joints.  He eats well and is happy once he has a routine that he knows and follows each day.  He is currently in a foster home already but we are searching for sponsorship for him.  He has never talked since being with us and in the short time he has been with his foster mom he now calls her “mama”.


Charlens Oct

This is Mykenley.  He had a twin brother and they were both admitted to the RC when they were under a month old.  Their mama died in child birth.  Mykenley’s brother died here with us when he was a few months old.  Mykenley’s papa visited him often and was very happy to take him home a few months back.  Once he arrived home he found it very difficult for him to be able to work and care for Mykenley at the same time.  He ended up leaving him at home with his 8 year old sister to provide care for him.  Due to this, his sister was not going to be able to attend school this year.  He came to us last month and said that next week he was taking him to an orphanage because he would rather see him when he is 18 than him die in his care. (Many parents are told if they put their child up for adoption they will return to them when they are 18).  He has lost some weight but was not in bad shape.  We agreed to help him search for someone that could help with his childcare during the day while his papa worked so that his son could remain with him.

Mykenly & Mykensley


This is Poutchelina.  She was abandoned in front of our clinic gate a few months ago.  We are still searching for her mama with the local police assisting us.  We would like to place her in a foster home instead of the Rescue Center.  If/when her family is found we will work with the local authorities to come up with a plan.  We feel that she would thrive in a family setting and do much better one on one than in a group setting.

Poutchelina (2)


Poutchena Nov (1)

Last is Medjina.  She was abandoned on a clinic bench in July of 2014.  We have been unable to find anyone that knows anything about her or her family.  She is just starting to walk and has gained about 5 pounds since being here.  She is doing well in the Rescue Center but we all feel like she would greatly benefit from living in a family setting.

Medjina abandoned (3)

Medjina Jan aaa

How can you help?

You can sponsor one of these children monthly.  The full amount needed for each child is $125US.  We have many sponsors that do $30, $40 or $60 a month.  So we can match you up with someone to compete a full sponsorship if needed.  All of these children have been through so much in their short lives.  We want them to grow up in loving homes with families that love and support them.  We also would appreciate that you pray for these children.

You can send donation into our home office at:

Real Hope for Haiti

15215 Endeavor Drive

Noblesville, IN 46060

Or use the donation page on our web site by clicking here. You can select the desired amount and set up automatic payment through paypal.

What does this cover?

We give the fULL amount donated to the foster family.  We provide a bed, wheelchair (if needed), seats for each child.  We provide clothing, diapers, sheets, wipes, formula, hygiene items, toys and other items needed as we have them on hand here at RHFH.  We also provide free medical care for them.  The child and caregiver comes once a month for a check-up and we also do surprise home visits.

If you are interested in helping with this need or have any questions you can email for more information.  Each month you will receive a current picture of your sponsored child along with a short update on how they are doing for the month.

We are looking forward to seeing the great changing that are going to happen in these beautiful kids lives.  God is able!


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