Birthing Kits
Baby Layettes
Women’s Hygiene Kits
Also Needed:
School Supplies & Backpack
Family Hygiene Kit
Cholera Kit
Emergency/Hospital Stay Kit
Hygiene products in Haiti are expensive! Money just isn’t available to buy disposible sanitary napkins. Women and girls use whatever they can find or go without resulting in lost time at work or lost time at school.

What if not having feminine supplies kept you isolated during menstruation? No study for DAYS. No income for DAYS. No access to hygiene… for DAYS. It happens worldwide to women in impoverished communities.

A long term volunteer had some reusable pads that a friend had made for her. They weren’t her cup of tea so she gave them to some of the Haitian women, and they loved them! There are lots of ways of making reusable menstrual supplies, but for this kit we chose the system thoughtfully developed by Days for Girls.

Here’s how to get started:

Go to the Days for Girls website and download their pattern and instructions. They also have some great video tutorials.

If you are interested in sending completed kits to RHFH, please email us at, and we’ll give you an address of where to send them.

If you are interested in collaborating with other sewers on these kits, contact to be added to the Facebook group.