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Mamba Grads!!

Medical Mamba is a highly nutritional peanut butter. Each pack has 500 calories, is high in protein and fortified with vitamins and minerals necessary for children’s proper growth and development. When a patient come to the clinic with malnutrition, they are placed on our outpatient medical Mamba program. If a patient is severe enough he or she will be admitted into the ICU or the Rescue Center for malnutrition, and placed on the inpatient Medical mamba program.

The amount of the Mamba they receive each day is determined by several measures including the patients weight. We monitor all patients in both the inpatient and outpatient programs through weekly weight checks and adjust the amounts of Mamba they receive accordingly. Once a child reaches their recommended weight, they “graduate” from the program. It is such a blessing to watch as the children begin to gain weight as they receive the much need protein and vitamins.

Here are some of our inpatient graduates from the Medical Mamba program from the summer quarter.

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