Medika Mamba grads!!

Here are a few of the grads from the medika mamba program from this past month.  Since 2009 there have been 750 patients that have been treated with medika mamba (for severe malnutrition) through our inpatient and outpatient program.

We started using mamba Djanm (for moderate malnutrition)  in November 2013 and have treated 85 patients with this product. We love these products that are produced by Meds & food for Kids and are so thankful to those that have donated towards the purchase of this life saving mamba.

Odinel  B & A

Pierre Louis B & A

Rolan B & A

Rose-Nerlande B & A

Lovelie B & A



Berlineda B & A


  1. Janet Pender says

    Praise God! My heart is swelling with joy right now for this wonderful news! They are so precious !!

  2. Deanna says

    The transformation in their bodies and hope and joy on their faces is remarkable! Praise God !

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