Medika Mamba Graduates

Dalensky Mamba Grad

Ednerson Mamba Grad

Fanelson Mamba Grad

Jakisson Mamba Grad

Kezt Mamba Grad

Maus Mamba Grad

Neima Mamba Grad

Stanley Mamba Grad

Wendel Mamba Grad

Wonderson Mamba Grad


  1. Betty Mueller says

    Are you sure Neima is pictured in both of his photos? Did he lose a hand while on Medika Mamba? I love seeing how in general they are much happier looking in their second photos.

  2. Licia says

    Yes he has to have surgery shortly after being admitted you can read about it here http://realhopeforhaiti.org/urgent-need-for-patient-in-the-icu/ It was such an amazing story of how God help get him surgery and then to have him also recover from his malnutrition.

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