Medika Mamba update

These are three of our favorites from over the years of using medika mamba.  We are excited that we are reaching our goal for 2014 in funds needed for this life saving product.

Sainaica B & A

siblings set B & A Wensky B & A

We had several donations that have come in this past week and we are very close to reaching our goal! Check out the ticker on the sidebar.  We have 2 days left in Jan and would love to have this goal met!  We are only lacking $1,555. We are so excited!

These are the figures

Goal set—————————-$40,632
pledged (not yet given)———-$25,275
total given through RHFH——-$13,802
not yet raised———————-$1,555

Please help us to reach our goal by the end of Jan.  Thank you all so much for all you do in helping those we serve here in Haiti!  To God be all the Glory!

How you can give

You can use the paypal button on the right hand side on the blog that is marked ” donate for Medika mamba”

You can send a donation to our home office: (please include a memo letting us know it is for medika mamba)

Real Hope For Haiti

If you would like to donate directly to Meds & Food for Kids-(100% of your donation will go to purchase mamba for RHFH) You can send donation to:

Meds & Food for Kids
4488 Forest Park, Ste. 230
St. Louis, MO  63108

Please include a memo letting them know the donation is to be used for Real Hope For Haiti.

Click on this link for information 






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