New Admits

A mama was 9 month pregnant and lived 5 hours up in the mountains to get to the nearest paved road. When she got to the road she traveled in labor over bumpy road to get to the national hospital for births. They turned her away and told her to go to the national hospital in downtown port-au-prince. She arrived late that evening around 10pm. She was refused to be admitted and sent home. They did not tell her of any other place to go. She traveled back home in the dark and was scared she would get robbed. She made it to a family members house and delivered a baby girl around 2am. She bleed a lot. They tried for 2 hours to located a vehicle to take them to another hospital. At 5am they found a tap-tap to take her to another hospital. She died about 20 minutes later, bled to death in the back of a tap-tap. She leaves 8 children behind.  Her family are on their way back up the mountains to tell her husband that she died. They traveled out to our village  to see if we might have room to house the baby girl until the father arrives and they can figure out a plan for her. The good news is that she is a healthy baby weighing in at 8 pounds, and we will find a place to house her. Please keep the papa and rest of the family in your prayers.

DARLINEDA~8 pounds

Mykenly~5 pounds 4 ounces

Mykenley~5 pounds 8 ounces

These twins boys mother had her baby in a hospital on Dec 5th.  The mama, papa and twin boys went home with there 2 other siblings .  They live in a 2 room house made out of rocks and tin.  The source where they get all their water is a 1 hour walk from their home.  About 1 week after they were home with the kids the mama was sitting talking with her husband and the boys were on the bed beside them.  As they were talking she got a strange look on her face, screamed several times and ran out of the house.  Her husband ran after her and she fell down and died in his arms. 

These 3 little ones were admitted this weekend.


  1. enola says

    So sad thinking of all of the children in these families loosing their mother. Also sad for the dads who have lost their partners. Praying for you all during this holiday season. keep us posted if there is anything we can do specifically for these families.

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