New children at the Rescue Center


This little cutie is 17 months old and weighs 9 pounds 12 ounces.  Her mama died when she was 6 months old.  She became ill with symptoms of cholera.  She tried to get to the nearest cholera treatment center but she was 4 hours away, she died on the way before she made it.  Since that time Rose-Marie’s papa has been caring for her and her 3 other sisters.  They live in a one room home that is made of tin, sticks, and clay.  They have an outhouse at their home, but no running water.  They walk about 30 minutes to the nearest water source.  Rose-Marie’s papa is a farmer and he grows beans and corn in his fields.  In the week before she came to the clinic she only ate bread and drank a little juice each day.  She has not had meat, eggs, milk or a good source of protein in months.  Actually her papa could not remember when she last had these items because it had been so long.


Wensky is from the island of LaGonave.  His papa died several years ago and his mama died about 1 year ago.   He has 2 other siblings but has not seen them in years.  They live with other family members.  When his mom become ill they told her it was not a sickness for a doctor and she need to go to the hougan for treatment.  Wensky was with her during this time and she stayed their until she died.  When Wensky began getting sick several months ago he was living with his cousins family.  They kept encouraging him to return to the same place that his mother has died at.  A few weeks ago he decided that he did not want to go there.  His mama had some friends on the main land in Haiti and he had been to their home before.  He snuck on a boat and traveled over and had $2 in his pocket. Once he got to the main land he used the $2 to get a moto ride to his mama friends house.  They helped him find one of his aunts that lived in the area.  The family was not interested in finding help for him so his mama’s friends brought him to the clinic.  The local judge was called to talk to those responsible for him to figure out the best solution for him right now.   He is HIV positive and we are searchign for the best option for him and his situation.


He is 12 months old and weighs 14 pounds.  He comes from Gonaive and was referred to us by our friend Anita.  His mama has been pregnant 6 times, she has 4 living children and 2 that were born dead.  Her two room home is made of rock and tin and there are 7 people that live there.  We are hopeful that Junior will being to gain weight on the medika mamba program. 


He is 12 months old and weighs 13 pounds.   His mother is sick and in the hospital in Port-au-Prince.  His father is a farmer and grows bananas and beans in his garden.  He lives in a 2 room house made from rock and tin with 4 others.  They do not have running water at their home but there is a souce that is just a few minutes away that they can get water from.  They also have an outhouse to use near their home.  His mama has already lost one child to kwashiorkor.  She is very worried about him.  When he was admitted he had not had anything to eat for 2 days.  We put an NG tube in so that we could begin to give him the F-75 therapeutic milk and will soon begin with the medika mamba.


  1. kathy says

    Wensky sounds very resourceful. Too bad he had to be. Hope something works out for him.

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