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Newbies to the ICU

Name:  Carison

DOB: December 13, 2015

Weight on admission: 7.3 kg

Carison is a 22-month-old male who came to clinic with malnutrition. His father reports that he has had diarrhea and vomiting off and on for the past 4 months. He has had a fever and cough intermittently for 1 month.

He lives his mother (who is not well), father and grandfather. He does not have any siblings. His diet consists mainly of soup and bouyon and he eats three times a day, if he has appetite. He is able to walk- though he has not walked for several weeks because he has been sick. He can speak. He has had some vaccines. His father is gone all day working in the garden and needs help watching his son, because his wife is too ill to properly care for the patient. He was placed on medika mamba but would not eat it and was admitted short term to treat for malnutrition and allow his father to make arrangements for his care at home.


Name: Claudeson

DOB: 4 November 2016

Weight on admission: 6 kg

Claudeson is an 11-month-old and came to clinic with severe malnourishment. The patient lives with only his father. His father tells us that the patient’s mother passed away of an unknown cause at least 5 months ago. The patient’s father is a fisherman and tells us that he did not see the patient for the first 6 months but when he heard that the patient’s mother passed away he assumed care of the patient. The father states that 5 months ago the patient had sores on his body but was otherwise healthy. His father reports that he has a good appetite and is fed 2 times a day. Diet consists corn, rice, soup, fish. The patient’s father reports that he leaves the patient by himself at 2 am and goes fishing to earn a living and then returns home at 6 am.

Claudeson has swelling in his feet and hands from  severe acute malnutrition.  The father said his feet started to swell 1 week ago. He also has scabies infection covering his body. He was hypoglycemic on admission and also has moderate anemia.

He can sit but does not crawl. His father does not have any other children. It is unknown if he has had any vaccines. He has never taken him to a clinic or doctor.


Patient Name: Sandiaina

DOB: November 3, 2016

Weight on admission: 3.9kg

Sandiaina is an 11-month-old female referred to us by Children’s Health Ministries. The patient was transported to Cabaret by the HERO ambulance system and was picked up in Cabaret by RHFH. The patient’s sister, who is 15 years old, came with the patient. The patient’s mother said she could not come because she had to sell things. Sandiana’s sister told us she previously went to school, but now is required to stay home and take care of her younger siblings while their mother earns a living.

The patient sister tells us she has had intermittent fever for the past 4 months and she is taken to a hospital each time. Her sister does not know the name of the hospital, but said she has been there at least 5 times. She has never been hospitalized overnight. She has not had diarrhea or vomiting. Her sister reports that she had “the fever” 4 days ago. It is unknown if she has had any vaccines

She is fed 2 times a day. She has a good appetite except for when she has “the fever”. There are 5 people living with the patient- 4 of whom are children. There are no adults living in the house except the patient’s mother. The patient’s father does not live with them. Sandiaina cannot sit up on her own or crawl. The sister tells us she was able to sit up on her own previously.


Patient Name: Sanika

DOB: 14 May 2015

Weight on admission: 11.4 kg

This is a 29-month-old female who was referred by Children’s Health Ministries (CHM) with edema. The patient’s father tells us the patient developed swelling in her whole body 25 days ago. Her father says the swelling went away and then returned 15 days ago.  She has had is intermittent diarrhea for 2 weeks. He also tells us that she has had cough and fever for 5 days. She does not have an appetite.

The patient lives with her mother, father, 2 siblings and 2 cousins. Their diet consists mostly of corn, meat, rice and beans. The patient can walk and run- though has not recently due to edema. She is able to speak.

She has kwashiorkor from malnutrition. She also has severe anemia and a faint heart murmur.

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