October Needs

We need your help with a few needed supplies.  Keep your eyes open for sales and specials in stores and on the internet.  Let us know if you need a shipping address.

2014 Oct Needs List

Any help with these items is much appreciated!  Thanks!!


  1. Mary Klein says

    Just mailed a package to Endeavor Dr.
    Is this correct. would like to send another.

  2. Lori says

    The Noblesville address is for letters and financial donations, but there is a better shipping address. I’ll email you.

  3. Hallie says

    Lori and Licia,

    I met one of you in the airport this summer on my way to an orphanage for the first time. I am returning over Thanksgiving and if there is anything pressing you need from the states please let me know and I would love to bring it to you.


  4. Lori says

    Thanks! We’ll keep that in mind and email you if we need something.

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