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Patient of the Month – Epanye

Epanye in Feb 2011

And Jesus went forth, and saw a great multitude, and was moved with compassion toward them, and he healed their sick.  ~Matthew 14:14

*THANK YOU!  The need has been met!

Epanye was born in Benet, a village in southern Haiti.  The only family that he has possibly still living is a sister that he lost track of many years ago.  He thinks that she lives in Port-au-Prince, but really isn’t sure after all this time.  He had been living in Gariche, a village about an hour away from us.  He worked as a day laborer in plantain fields, living day to day on his wages.

His foot began to get discolored and infected and he went to several hospitals for care.  Eventually, he was referred to General Hospital (large govt hospital).  He was admitted and dressing changes were done.  When he was unable to pay for the surgery and hospital fees, they took him and set him outside the hospital.  By this time, his wounds were full of infection and maggots.  He had no one that he could call on and no one that came to check on him.  He couldn’t walk, had a high fever, and was in much pain.  He doesn’t know how many days he was outside the hospital on the sidewalk.  Someone saw him, had a heart to help him, and paid a truck to bring him to us.

We treated the infection and removed the maggots.  After a week, we sent him to PIH/ZL-Cange for an amputation surgery.  It went well and he came back to Cazale to heal.  He lived on the clinic porch for four months until he recovered.  Not one person asked for him or came to see him.  He had rented a room where he used to live and went to go check on it.  The owner had thrown out his things (and taken what she wanted) and rented the room to someone else.  He had no where to go.

IMG_2339 c

Thank you for considering to donate towards Epanye’s surgery

We rented a few rooms in a house close to the clinic for him and a few others that were ill.  He stayed there for one year.  We were able to connect him with another mission that provide a prosthesis and follow-up care.  After that first year, we found a better house and moved him there, again with others that we were responsible for so that they could help each other.  This worked out well for several years.  This past year, he moved into the house in the GVADK community group.  He watches the tree nursery, yard, and tools so that they are secure.  Whenever the fruit trees produce plantains, breadfruit, and mangoes, he makes sure that the are sold and the money goes back into the group’s account for projects.  He fills the water tanks to make sure that there is enough water for the trees and plants in the nursery.

This year, his health started to decline.  He was having severe phantom pain in his amputated leg.  Medication controlled the pain, but he couldn’t walk with his prosthetic leg anymore.  About 1 1/2 months ago, an area on the suture line began to open up.  It has turned into a black, necrotic wound that is increasing in size daily.  The doctor put him on several medications and encouraged daily dressing changes.  We followed all instructions, but the wound is still increasing in size.  During his doctor’s visit last week, the surgeon said it was time to do surgery.  Epanye will need an above the knee amputation that will cost $1607.  We would like to have $300 for tranportation, food, and a caregiver, so the estimated total will be $1907.

We appreciate your sacrifice and kindness when we ask for special situations like Epanye’s surgery.  RHFH supporters are always generous, compassionate, and eager to help those in need.  We ask that you consider donating for Epanye’s surgery to help save what we can of his leg, ensure good health, and decreased pain.  You can click on the Paypal button below or send a check made out to “RHFH” to RHFH, 15215 Endeavor Drive, Noblesville, IN 46060 and write “Epanye” in the memo or on an enclosed note.  THANK YOU!!

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