PICS from the ICU area

Chrismene has finally decided that she wants to eat.  It has been an uphill battle for several months.  We are excited for her!!

March 18 2014 a 031

Selemene & Chrismene

March 18 2014 a 032

Lorvensky happy after lunch and a bath 🙂

March 18 2014 b 005         


Honda is ready for a nap.

March 18 2014 a 030

Little Djouliana gaining weight an ounce at a time.

March 18 2014 a 027

A new child admitted last week.

March 18 2014 a 026

Jaffenalie has regained all her weight she lost while being back at home for 1 month.  Lots of prayers needed for her situation.

March 18 2014 a 022

Stephanie dressed up for her pictures is staying with us awhile with her mama.

march 13 2014 a 006

Rose Marie always happy and getting so many teeth!

March 18 2014 b 012

Wedson is just here for a few weeks being treated for a bad case of malaria, but is doing much better.

March 18 2014 b 009

Daphanie is still walking and doing great.

March 18 2014 b 008

Wilson, love that little guy, he continues to gain weight and improve while on the medika mamba program.

March 18 2014 b 006

Thank you for all your continued prayer for the staff and children here at Real Hope For Haiti!






  1. Tena says

    They all look marvelous!!! Wilson doesn’t look like the same kid from January!

  2. Sandy says

    Thank you for posting these precious children’s updates, praying for continued healing for them and strength for all the staff!

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