Quiet Moments

Sometimes I walk through the Clinic yard or the ICU and think, “I have to grab my camera.  I don’t want to forget this moment.  This scene.”  I snap some photos and upload them onto my computer.  As I look at them, they just stir my heart.  I was there in the moment, but to have that moment captured to study and reflect upon, well….it’s just special.  Then I want to share what’s being stirred in my heart.  Other people might not see the beauty (or humor or whatever) just like I see it in that photo….but they might.  And that’s my hope.

I hope through these photos that you can feel some of what the Holy Spirit has revealed to me yet again this morning.  He teaches me to not just look around at these people.  He teaches me to see…truly see…these people through His eyes.  From tiny babies to fragile elderly, they are His children.  And He loves each one of them so incredibly much. 

Thank you, Lord, for these quiet moments.   -Allison

Brother and Sister. Healing together.


So tired.


Healed and happy.


Content. Always content.


A long road ahead. For now, rest.


Mercy. And hope.


Happy to be alive.


Her body is healing, but her heart is still so heavy.


One day at a time, sweet Jesus.


Sweet slumber. Poze, ti gason.


  1. bekki says

    all beautiful, thank you Allison! I am sorry I won’t get to meet you this trip. You live in my favorite spot on earth!

  2. Vera says

    Lovely photos, Allison. You captured the moments so well. Thanks for sharing!

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