The Rescue Center currently houses 70 to 80 children at a time. The RC is divided into two main areas. First is the infant room. These babies range from birth to 18 months. Many have lost their mother during birth and have a father that is willing to care for them. Infant formula is very expensive and hard to find for many fathers. It is also difficult for them to continue working and care for their other children with a small baby. We care for them until they are walking and off of infant formula. We make sure they are eating food that can be found and purchased by their families. Then they return to their families and have a good chance of survival.

Second is the toddler and older children’s room. These children range from 18 months up to 7 or 8 years old. In general, the children we admit to our inpatient program are sick and severely malnourished. We take them in, nurse them back to health and then they return to their families. They usually stay in the facility for 4 to 5 months. We have been taking children in since 1999.

We average about 180 children per year that pass through the RC. Each child is fed three meals a day along with 2 snacks. Children are weighed each Saturday to chart their progress. Once at a proper and healthy weight, if possible, the child is returned to their family after they complete nutrition education.

You can click here for the 2011 end of the year update for the Rescue Center.