Thank you to those that have been faithful sponsors over the years to our school sponsorship program.  We have a few children that are in need of sponsors this year. Please read below for more info and how you can donate for these children.


He came to the clinic several years ago very sick.  His papa was his main caregiver and became ill and left for days at a time.  Neighbors would find his dad out in the brush and he was said to be “crazy”.  His mama left and he had not seen her in years.  Family members believe that he had a curse on him and decided he did not need medical care.  His papa came back for a night and he begged his dad to take him to a hospital as he felt like he was near death.  His papa made the 6 hour trip to the clinic and asked us to help his son.  It took months for him to heal and get well but he did!  He has been living with a foster family for about 5 years now.  When his papa is mentally well family bring him for a few days to spend time with him.  Jn Edward sponsor was unable to continue this school year so are looking for a new sponsor for him.


He has been with us in our in care patient facility twice.  During that time both of his parents died with in a few months of each other.  His papa was a voudou priest in his village.  His older brother took his dad’s place after his death.  When it was time for Andreson to return home his older brother returned to see us.  He sat with us and told us that he did not want Andreson to return home as he would be expected to practice voudou as well.  His brother believes there is a God but is afraid to leave his religion.  He asked that Andreson be placed is a Christian foster care home.  This will be his first year of school.

Steve (Yvane’s son)  (HE IS SPONSORED THANK YOU!!!)

You can read Yvane’s story here and here.  Yvane is currently working for RHFH in the clinic.  She is a new employee and we would like to help her with Steve’s school expenses this year.  We are happy they are together again and are forever thankful for God giving her more years of life with her son.


She was a patient in our inpatient care facility when she was a baby.  She had severe kwashiorkor and was very sick.  Her mom and dad are both dead.  A staff member of RHFH took her in and has been caring for her since that time. She has been attending school for the past 5 years but needs a new sponsor for this school year.  She is a very bright girl that loves to read and draw. Her favorite color is pink.


She was abandoned in the clinic several years ago.  At that time she was severely malnourished and sick.  She has been living with a foster family for several years and has greatly improved.  When she moved in with them she was not walking, talking or playing much with others.  Now she is full of life and loves to talk to anyone around. She completed her first year of school last year and did great.  We are hoping that she will be able to attend this year again.


Rose Mare was a patient in our center many years ago when she was a baby.  She has a twin that died and her mama died in child birth.  She has been attending school for 3 years now and we are looking for a sponsor for her this school year.  She enjoys helping her foster mom around the house and likes to wash clothes by hand in the river.  She also attends church and loves Sunday School.  Her favorite colors are red and pink.

The total cost for the school year for these children is $250 each.  This includes school fees, books, uniforms, book bags, school supplies and fees for exams.  To donate you can send a check to RHFH/15215 Endeavor Drive/Noblesville, IN 46060 or use the paypal button below. Please include a note or memo letting us know which child or you can write to me at licia@realhopeforhaiti.org

If you would like to donate the full amount of $250 you can use the paypal button below

If you would like to donate, but not the full amount, you can this paypal button below



  1. Julie Pederson says

    I would like to sponsor Andreson. I came to care about him berry much when I visited in March. I will submit payment for him for the year of school.

  2. Maia says

    I will be sending a check for full amount to sponsor Medjina

  3. Sarah says

    I forgot to put a note in the PayPal. Please give the sponsorship to Jn Edward. Thank you.

  4. Kim Bell says

    I would be honored to sponsor Steve.

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