We ask you to help with the need for church clothing for the sisters here.  So far we have had several dresses arrive.  The girls are super excited to know that so many people still care about them!  They loved trying on all the clothes. Here are a few pictures. There are still clothes on their way so if you helped with this need and don’t see the dresses yet we will do another post in a few weeks.   Thank you to everyone that has taken the time to make these 6 girls feel so special. 













  1. ginny says

    I thought you might be interested to read about a study that’s just been published about kwashiorkor. It was a study of 300 twins for their first 3 years of life. They found that in about half of the twins, one twin would get kwashiorkor, but the other twin remained health.

    “Gordon says, the children with kwashiorkor had a different population of microbes than their healthy twins. During treatment, a healthy community of microbes started to emerge, but the improvement didn’t last.”

    Here’s the NPR interview link: http://wunc.org/post/gut-microbes-may-play-deadly-role-malnutrition

    Thank you for all you do!

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