Snapshots From Cazale – The Mountains

For those of you that have never had the opportunity to venture out to Cazale, we thought we would share a few photos with you.  If you have traveled to Real Hope for Haiti before, or you just happened to have been in the neighborhood (haha!), maybe you might recognize some of these scenes.

This will be a series of a few posts highlighting some aspects of the area around Real Hope for Haiti that are unique to Cazale.

We hope you enjoy…..Snapshots From Cazale.


Perhaps it is a cold and dreary winter day where you are right now.  Hopefully a little Cazale sunshine will brighten your day, even if it is just a photo!


You can’t visit Cazale without seeing some livestock, even if your only destination is the Cholera Treatment Center.


Here’s the view from above the current CTC.  It’s quite a steep little hike to it from the Clinic, located in the valley. The moto ride to the CTC is a bit frazzling to the nerves of some of us inexperienced moto passengers, as you can imagine.

“Lean forward and hold on!”  Oh my goodness…..


It is pretty amazing to comprehend the steepness of the mountainsides that the farmers around Cazale have to work with.  Planting crops and tending to livestock become much more challenging when a farmer must be mindful not to take a wrong step and plummet down the mountain.


Magnificent views await you from every turn on the mountain paths around Cazale.


A view into the valley of Cazale.  The long structure and clearing mid-mountain on the left of the photo is a school and the market area.  RHFH is located at the foot of the mountain below it.


Seriously, how do the goats not just roll down the mountain?  Do their little hooves have good traction?  Mind-boggling.


These paths make for a beautiful hike during sunny days, but what about during a heavy rain or in the pitch black dark of night?  People must endure nature’s elements up here as they make their way to Real Hope for Haiti.  On foot, on donkey.  Carrying a child, or even a desperately ill adult.  It’s hard to imagine the journey so many people have made as they desperately navigated these paths to find help.


The mountains of Cazale.  Such beauty from every view – whether from in the valley looking up, or on top of a ridge overlooking the ocean or the distant city of Port-au-Prince.  It is quite a treasure to take in these landscapes, a mere thumbprint of the Father who created it all.

To God be all the glory.

All photos on this post are to the credit of Lesley Garrett.


  1. Terry Ray says

    I pray for you each morning and night; I so want to come to Haiti to help, but the money isn’t there. When God provides, I will.

  2. Bekki says

    Thank you for sharing the beauty. I remember on my first visit saying to Gilbert “It is very beautiful here” which amazed him. I stand by my remark. Haiti is a beautiful country, I pray for a return of the previous richness…

  3. lora says

    Absolutely beautiful.

  4. Jamie Garcia says

    Terry Ray, you set up a fundraiser through your church and we’ll help send you!

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