Song: Yes, I Believe (Wi, Mwen Kwe)



Segne, mwen kwe Ou se Bondye.
Wi, mwen kwe Ou ap reye.
Mwen kwe Ou te mouri.
E mwen kwe Ou resisite.

Wi, mwen ke Ou se Met Lavi a.
Wi, mwen kwe Ou se Prens Lape.
Wi, mwen kwe Ou genyen tout pouvwa
E mwen kwe Ou ap reye.



Savior, I believe You are God.
Yes, I believe You will reign.
I believe You died.
And I believe You were resurrected.

Yes, I believe you are the Owner of Life.
Yes, I believe you are the Prince of Peace.
Yes, I believe you have all the power
And I believe you will reign.


  1. Carol Clark says

    Thank you! This has blessed me today and kindled that flame God ignited in me to continue to do what I can for the people of Haiti. In the future I hope to add RHFH as a ministry my earring project supports. I pray for you and your precious children regularly. Thank you so much for sharing these angelic voices!!

  2. Bekki says

    Antonio and I just listened to this and we both thought we recognized St. Vique’s voice. Are we correct or are we just missing our boy?

  3. Lori says

    YES! St. Vique, Ameyah, and Trey. 🙂

  4. Bekki says

    I knew it! AH! what a sweet trio they are! Love them ALL!

  5. Vanessa says

    Good work!!! We don’t get Creole songs lyrics like that. Thanks

  6. Angel Goodwin says

    Does anyone know the piano chords to this song (the english and haiti version)?

  7. Terlin Guerdy says

    Bel travail uii

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