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Staff Spotlight-Yolette


Yolette has been working for RHFH since 2012.  Over the years we have had several individuals and families that for one reason or another are unable to care for themselves.  RHFH decided that we needed to step up and help these families with the simple day to day task of living.  Some examples are the 6 sisters who lost both parents, Epanye, who lost his leg and has no family, a young man who fell out of a coconut tree and broke his back and a few others.  A few of these household needed someone to come along side them and help with some daily task.  Yolette has filled this need for them.  She goes to there homes each day and cleans for them and washes their clothes.  She also makes food for three household each day.  If they need something in the market and are unable to go she goes and purchases items for them.  But her most important job is being their friend and sharing Jesus love with them, and she does it well.

Yolette employee (3) (800x533)Yolette is 34 years old and has lived here in Cazale her whole life.  She is not married and does not have any children.  She has 5 sisters and 3 brothers.  She lives with both of her elderly parents and helps care for them as well.  She said she loves her job and is happy when she is working.  I asked her to tell me one story that she will always remember.  She talked about the man above Epanye.  She is happy that she can care for him and be there for him when he is sad.  It hurts her that he has no family and has seen so much hardship in his life.  She said the last time that he had surgery on his leg he was very depressed and sad afterwards.  She said it took many days for him to begin talking again, and she will never forget the day that he laughed at a joke she told him.  She said when he laughed again she knew that he was going to keep fighting to live.Yolette employee (9) (800x533)


She loves living in Cazale and cannot imagine living anywhere else.  She hopes one day that Cazale will have a profession school where the young adults can learn a profession and be able to live well. She is thankful that RHFH has been here for so many years and thinks that there would be a lot of people that would have died if God did not send us here.  She is concerned that the prices are increasing for food and items in the country and that is going to make things for difficult for families all over Haiti.   When I asked her what we could pray for her for she said peace in the world and peace in her community.

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