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Cleft lip and palate is a deformity that some children develop in the womb.  Most are surgically corrected at birth or shortly afterwards, but many children in developing countries do not have the opportunity.  We have worked with Operational Smile, Smile Train, and the LEAP Foundation in the past to help over 45 patients get needed surgery.











On Thursday, LEAP is sending a team to do surgeries in Haiti at L’hopital Espoir.  They will do cleft lip and palate and other surgeries.  We have the chance to send 2 cleft children, one mouth deformity, and two other plastic surgery cases.  The surgeries, labs, hospital stay, and medications are provided for free.  RHFH needs to provide the patient and accompanying family member with funds for transportation, food, phone calls, and incidentals.  We will have to provide caregivers for two of the youngest children because they are currently in the Rescue Center and a staff member to travel with them all to make sure that they get to the hospital and back home again.  We expect that we will need an average of $75.00 for each patient ($375.00).  If you would like to help the children below (plus two others not pictured), please click on the paypal link on the right to donate.  Make sure you type “surgery fund” in the instructions box or email lori at realhopeforhaiti dot org to make sure the funds are designated towards this need.   Thank you so much!!!









  1. rebecca says

    I obviously don’t read the details. Just donated but neglected to specify it for the surgery fund. I’m sure wherever it goes it will be used well, but hopefully it can help these guys.

  2. Lori says

    No worries. Thanks for letting us know.

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