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Thank You Volunteers!!

They come one, two . . . five at a time and they are valuable and so appreciated.

Erin VanStone

The volunteers that come to RHFH bring in needed supplies. Thanks Danielle!

Danielle donations

One helps in the ER/Wound care with our nurse Yanick. (Cindi) Β One takes blood pressures for hours. (Paulette)

team 13

The Pastor visited and prayed with people waiting for clinic. (Keith)

The doctor sees patients during the clinic hours . . .

team 11

…and then checks all the children in the ICU and RC. (Dr. Ken)

team 6

Our weekly weighing and measuring the children was easier with all the help. Each child tenderly touched and held.

team 5

They hold kids – little do we know how much love the kids feel by this.

Holly and Jolynn

Tena and Merlanda

Jeff diapered more kids than he had ever in his life πŸ™‚

team 4

The Pastor went to a local youth group and shared with them. (Keith)

A new bulletin board – how many Presbyterians does it take to make a bulletin board πŸ™‚


A HUGE THANK YOU to all of our recent volunteers!!!

team 15

If you would like to be a part of RHFH by volunteering, fill out the Volunteer Application and send to and tell us a little about yourself.

team 14

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