Throw back Thursday 2009

In 2009 we starting using a live saving product called Medika Mamba produced by Meds & Foods for Kids.  We thought when we filled these first 12 bowls that this was a lot of kids to have on this product at one time.  It came packaged in these large bags.  Each night we had to measure out the amount needed per tablespoon for each child.

May 5 2009 d 006

These were our first 5 boxes delivered to RHFH.

Aug 26 2009 b 011

These were our first 5 children on the program.  We were all amazed at how quickly the children recovered and healed.  We were hooked and knew this product was something we were going to use for years to come.


horlando B& A

kettmab&a milienne6 B& A

ogeste B & A

Enoch B & A

These four boys were treated with medika mamba in 2009.  Three of them lived and one died.  We took weekly pictures of their progress.

Copy of sickkids1 hh

Since 2009 we have treated over 1700 children with products from Meds & Food for Kids.  It is amazing the amount of lives that have been saved with medika mamba.


  1. Bekki says

    I remember those big packets – that had to be kneaded! Eddie says his hands are still sore from kneading LOL! I remember squeezing it into the measuring cup, making sure it was the right amount for each child and putting it in their bowls. I love this life-saving product.

  2. Michael Williams says

    I remember Gilderson and how he & Lynn connected!

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