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Throw Back Thursday-Roseline

This past week one of our staff members said that a patient that we helped years ago wanted to stop by and say hello over the holiday season.  It was a busy day with all the staff in the clinic on vacation and lots of dressing changes.  It was towards the end of the day so we were happy for a short break.  Roseline (pictured below) was a patient in our clinic when she was 8 years old-16 years ago.  She had been burned by an open fire at her home.  In 1999 there were not a lot of options for burn patients in Haiti.  We had only had our clinic open in Cazale for about 1 year.  She had been burned a few months before they brought her to the clinic.  Her arms had healed in some places and caused contractures where she could not extend her arms.  She was burned on her chest, arms and legs.  She came each day to the clinic for dressing changes and we also sent her to a hospital to get the contractures released. It was a process that took about 9 months for the healing to be completed.  After she was healed and done with surgeries she returned home to her life in her mountain village.  She has just recently moved down to the village of Cazale to live with some distant family members.  She wanted to tell us thank you for helping her 16 years ago.  She said she and her family prays for us often and have never forgot what RHFH means to them. She wanted us also to know that she is doing her best to live a good life and thanks God each day for giving her life.  What a blessing and encouragement to us and mostly of all to God! To Him be all the Glory!

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